No Money? Here’s How To Start A Blog With Zero Dollars

While a blog might take a lot of effort and time to run if you want to make it successful, you do not have to pay anything to get it going in the first place. Sounds crazy, right?

No Money? Here's How To Start A Blog With Zero Dollars

Well, it is true! To start a blog, you do not have to spend a single dime to get it out into the world. So long as you have a passion and some time on your hands, you can get a blog up and running in no time – and for absolutely nothing.

If you are wanting to know how to start a blog with zero dollars, then read on to find out more in 6 simple steps. 

Why Start A Blog?

A blog is a great way to turn your passion into something more. It allows you to have an outlet to talk about all things baking or gaming, or whatever it is that you consider a hobby.

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy reading blogs, but who are also looking for information. While you may start your blog with the intent of just writing about something you enjoy, it could even turn into a money maker.

Even so, starting a blog does not have to mean that you will need to throw loads of money at it. In fact, you can easily start a blog with no money at all. 

How To Start A Blog With Zero Dollars

If you are wanting to start a blog without spending money, then here are some tips for doing just that:

1. Sign Up To A Free Blog Platform

It is easier than ever before to start your own blog. This is because there are many platforms that allow you to sign up to create a free blog or website.

Some of these services include WordPress, Blogger, and Wix. One of the most popular options is WordPress. Not only does the platform have a good user experience, but the upgrades and customization tools are great too.

Even so, there are many beginner-friendly platforms that will be sufficient for creating your first blog for free. 

Just remember to choose one that is the best fit for you. Because of this, you will not want to jump right in before seeing what the service can offer you at all levels, paid and free.

While you will be starting the blog with no dollars paid, you may want to upgrade in the future as your blog grows. 

2. Choose Your Domain Name

A free blog will not automatically give you a dot com address, but it will give you a blog website address. You may want to use the name that you are using for your blog.

This way, you can add the domain at a later date.

Do be aware that your name may already be taken. To avoid this, Google various business names to see if anything comes up. However, if you are wanting to take your blog seriously, it may be worth investing in a domain name now.

This is the only part that isn’t free at this stage.

You can go the traditional route by spending a dollar or two via a domain host, or use a premium plan on a blogging platform where they will connect the domain name for you – however, the latter often costs more.

3. Pick A Theme For The Blog

Once you have chosen the blogging platform you are most comfortable with using, and that offers you the best service to allow your blog to grow, you will want to choose a theme.

Choosing a theme for your blog is standard, especially with a free account. It is a really good way to get going with your blog at a fast pace. It also means that if you are not very good at design, you can choose one that has already been created.

Make sure that you choose a theme that suits your niche. An all-black and gothic-looking theme will probably not suit a baking blog. Take a look at other blogs and see what colors and fonts they are using.

However, do be aware that with a free blog, you will not get the customization tools to create exactly what you want. This can come later!

4. Start Writing Content

Once you have the blog in place, you should start to write content. This is part of the process that will take the longest to do.

Fortunately, you may have a specific niche that you are interested to write about, so it should not be too much of a problem.

If you are looking to make money out of blogging, then you may want to read up on SEO and keywords to ensure that you are targeting the right audience, but also able to climb up Google.

5. Post Your First Blog Entry

Once you have written content, post your first blog entry – but don’t leave it there. Keep on posting some great posts to ensure that you have a decent amount of content to start the blog.

This could be 10 posts or even more. You may even want to consider linking to your other blog posts on your site, especially when something specific is mentioned. This will get readers clicking various parts of your blog.

If you find that you are getting a good amount of traction, then consider adding online advertisements to your blog. However, you may need to upgrade to a different blogging plan. We’ll move on to that next!

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6. Consider Upgrading

A free blog can only get you so far. After a while, you may want to have a proper domain, more creativity, and extra space – as well as the ability to make money via ads. 

Fortunately, you already spent time researching the different blogging platforms to find the one that has the best upgrade plans for your future needs. 

Upgrading to a paid plan on a blogging platform has many advantages. For one, you will be able to attach a proper domain name to your blog. This will add some professionalism to the blog.

Also, you will be able to be extra creative with better customization tools.

You will find that the first upgrade plan is often the most suitable. Unless you are hoping to create a big business and need all of the extras, then you will go for the top-priced tier. 

However, if you are just wanting some customization options, a domain name, more space, and some other perks, then a bottom-tier priced plan should suit your blog fine.

You will find that even paying to maintain your blog this way will only cost you a few dollars a year.

Final Thoughts

It is not unusual to launch a blog without spending any dollars, in fact, it has become commonplace. This is because there are lots of different platforms available that allow you to blog for free.

However, if you are wanting more from your blog, then you will need to start spending money. You will be surprised to hear that even paying for a blog isn’t expensive, especially if you are earning revenue from online ads.

Good luck with your future in blogging!

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