Is It Possible To Study Business Management Without Maths?

Within the modern business world, it has become increasingly common for business owners new and old to engage in further education to better understand the craft.

Is It Possible To Study Business Management Without Maths?

However, just exactly what qualifications do you need to study business management, and are there things that can hold you back? 

What Is Business Management? 

Otherwise known as business administration, business management is defined as the management and coordination of business decisions. 

This can include aspects like handling the production of materials, the movement of goods, the management of finances, as well as areas such as innovation and marketing. 

What Do Business Management Courses Look Like? 

Of course, one of the ways that business owners – new and old – improve their understanding of the business world, is through the undertaking of educational courses. 

In taking these courses, and earning the qualifications therein, it is understood that they will then have all the tools and pieces of information that they will need to not only get their business off the ground, but make it a success too. 

These courses can come in many shapes and sizes, with some consisting of university level bachelor’s courses, and others being somewhat less formal – taking less time and less money, but also granting a lower qualification at the end. 

Do You Need A Math Qualification? 

While in some cases – depending on the nature of the course, and the prestige of the establishment running it – there may be a need for a higher education qualification in math, this is not true in most cases. 

The majority of modern business management courses simply require you to have a basic high school math qualification to ensure you have an understanding of basic arithmetic. 

In other cases – such as with online courses, and paid courses – there is little to no requirement as far as qualifications are concerned. This is because the focus of the course is teaching people later in their life who are looking to improve themselves and their prospects. 

What Do Business Management Courses Involve? 

When it comes to business management courses, there are many areas of study that you will engage with to become more proficient in business. 

Is It Possible To Study Business Management Without Maths?


One of the main areas of business management is leadership, and the skills used to motivate employees and colleagues, and otherwise guide the business in the direction it needs to be going. 

Any form of leadership role in business requires the facilitation of dialogue between colleagues and staff members, the formation of trust and communication, and the ability to endear and motivate your employees to be the best version of themselves possible. 


Of course, another important area of business management is self-discipline – something that can be the downfall of not only the individual and their employees, but also the business itself. 

This is about setting goals and targets, both for yourself and for your team, and then it is about staying motivated to meet these goals as they present themselves.

This also involves leading by example – as unmotivated and undisciplined leaders can create bad habits (and disillusionment) amongst staff. 

Budget Management

Of course, with any business, there are bound to be some financial and budgetary elements to deal with. Depending on the size of the business, this might be a small part of the role, but in other cases it could be a major part. 

This is about staying within the guidelines, understanding what is financially expected, and what success and failure actually look like. For this part, an understanding of basic mathematics would be a godsend – but it is not always necessary. 


Part of managing also means delegation – that is, assigning tasks to those on the team who are best suited to completing them. 

This means learning people’s strengths and weaknesses, and knowing them as people. Only then can you have a functioning team that works together as a unit. 


It is also your role as business manager to possess, and foster communication skills – both written and verbal.

This means ensuring that you not only have the understanding of how you should be communicating with staff, colleagues, and customers, but also that everyone else understands too. 


Whether you run your own business, or work for someone else, planning is paramount to achieving success. This can include many things, and can vary depending on the business in question. 

However, having good organizational skills, and the ability to make clear, concise plans, will help you in a multitude of tasks. 

Decision Making

Any form of leadership always comes with a need to make decisions.

When these decisions present themselves, you also need to be able to make the right one – both in terms of business interests, interpersonal interests for you and your staff, and financial interests that could harm or help the business. 

Negotiation Skills

Deals are never straightforward, and there is usually a need to haggle, or adjust your expectations to reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement in business. These skills are what you will learn through various courses aimed at business management, and will come with practice. 

Project Management

You also need to understand project management – skills that will be at the forefront of nearly all business management courses. 

This means learning to meet and follow a brief, stay on schedule, and stay within the budgetary constraints and guidelines that might be present. 

Performance Management

Lastly, leadership comes with observing, and managing the performance of your employees. This can be a tricky aspect of the job – especially if it is a new business with a small employee base. 

However, poor performance and unprofessionalism can signal death for businesses, and as such it is important to work with your staff to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. 

Final Thoughts

It is certainly true that, in many areas of business management, a good understanding of math can be invaluable – especially when it comes to staying on top of your financial commitments.

However, as with most things in life, there are ways and means to get to where you need to be – even when things might seem to be holding you back. 

So if you are looking to further your studies in business management, then be sure to check out this handy guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know a little more about business management, and the qualifications needed to go onto further study, it is now time for us to answer some frequently asked questions that you might be interested in.

Is Business Management Difficult? 

While business management can seem daunting to many people – especially in the early days of their studies – the fact of the matter remains that, with research and sufficient practice, even the most difficult things can become easily understood. 

How Long Are Business Management Courses? 

Depending on the level of qualification you are looking for, business management courses can last anywhere from a period of weeks, to a period of years. Luckily though, there are ample choices online, allowing you to find what works best for you. 

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