Best Free Business Writing Course You Need To Try

If you are starting your own business, then you’ll want to do it right. One of the ways to communicate your ideas effectively in the business space is through writing, and the one thing that can really set your business back is poor communication.

This is why doing a decent business writing course will be crucial. It will allow you to be concise and effectively convey your ideas to clients and customers.

Best Free Business Writing Course You Need To Try

This will also help you build frameworks for proposals in line with company policy and ethics.

So where can you find a business writing course that you can complete online and for free? What is the course structure? How long will you have to study?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of great business courses that you can enroll in today for absolutely nothing. So what are you waiting for?

Best Free Business Writing Courses

1. Coursera Business Writing

This first course is by the company Coursera, which is a great online learning resource that offers you literally hundreds of courses to choose from.

This business writing course will teach you everything that you need to know about communicating your ideas with the power and precision they deserve.

This course will also help you to draft memos and emails so that you can get across your pitches and proposals without wasting time.

It is completely free to enroll in and is taught by a leading business writing instructor from the University of Colorado Boulder.

2. Alison Fundamentals Of Business Writing

When it comes to preparing the right business letter, you’ll need to make sure that the formatting and the mode of address are correct.

This course will teach you all of that, coming in a list of modules that covers anything from business letter writing to report drafting.

This course can be done anywhere between 1 and 3 hours to learn, depending on how fast you want to study.

This comes with an assessment by a licensed professional after which you will then receive a written accreditation, which you can put on your CV.

3. Google Digital Garage Business Writing

You might be aware of some of the basics of business writing, but they are very important for getting head and shoulders above your competitors. This course is great for learning on the job, and you’ll be able to implement a lot of what you learn almost immediately.

This course is completely free and you can access it instantly. It comes with course materials, quizzes and instructional things that will test your knowledge again and again until it sticks in your brain.

This comes with a shareable certificate which you can upload to your LinkedIn account.

4. Coursera High-Impact Business Writing

Getting the optimal response from other people in business is an art form and you should spend time perfecting it if you want to see improvement in your business relations and ultimately growth in your business.

This will teach you how to play to your writing strengths and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

This course is completely flexible, which is great if you are trying to integrate your learning with a busy schedule. This is aimed at complete beginners and will only take 10 hours to complete, which is perfect if you are short on time.

5. Udemy Copywriting Quick Start

This next course is entirely free and very quick to digest. It will cover a wide range of topics in the field of business writing, from developing your own blog ideas to writing alluring market copy.

This is mainly taught through online video content, which is perfect if you are a visual learner.

This course is taught by a professional writer for HuffPost, with lectures that are very short and easy to understand.

This gives you the ability to be able to locate the right keywords to draw people toward your website, as well as brainstorming frameworks and a tool for writing headlines.

6. Technical Writing Course

This next course might be aimed at business writing specifically, but it will teach you some key essentials that you can apply to your business writing.

It gives you all the tools that you need for creating documents and developing your knowledge of grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

This will help you in the fields of engineering, product management and technical writing. This is also great for people who work with software and anyone who wants to develop their own site for their business.

7. Harvard: The Art Of Persuasive Writing And Public Speaking

This next course will certainly help you in the world of business, especially if you specialize in sales. It draws on some of the great public speakers of the age, breaking down how they are able to communicate their ideas in a manner that is both succinct and direct.

This course is very easy to enroll in and completely free. It is a very comprehensive course and is taught by some of the leading experts in the field.

If you master this course, then you can be sure that you will be one step ahead of all your competitors.

8. EdX Business Writing Techniques

This next course will cover a broad range of business writing styles, providing you with real-world scenarios, and allowing you to employ your communication skills in a constantly-changing business environment.

This is also a very up-to-date course that is not afraid of shying away from some radical topics such as the use of the emoji in effective communication.

This course will also examine some of the crucial aspects of writing including conciseness, confidence and correctness.

Best Free Business Writing Course You Need To Try

9. Coursesity Secret Sauce Of Great Writing

When you are trying to gain more clarity and concision in your writing, then you’ll want to turn to the professionals. This will teach you how to keep it simple and impactful, which is exactly what you need from the business sphere.

This will also provide you with exercises in how to be provocative, which will teach you how to really pull at those threads to get the results that you want from your clients and competitors.

This course is completely free and has come with over 200,000 enrollments already.

10. Free Writing Tutorial – How To Make Your Writing Stand Out

This course helps you to develop your strategy and intention before you start typing out your first sentence. It helps you to organize your narrative flow and present your paragraphs as clearly and effectively as possible.

Whether it is crafting strong paragraphs or getting the right introduction that will grab people’s attention immediately.

This also comes with quizzes after each writing session, which will help you to test your knowledge immediately, getting it lodged in your brain easier.

11. Coursesity Better Business Writing In English

Ideally, you’ll want a writing course that will help you to nurture your own unique voice, which most courses might seem to dampen and smooth out.

This will help you to draft mission statements for your employees, making them concise and straightforward for your team members to understand.

Whether it is the construction of proper nouns during a PowerPoint presentation or utilizing verbs in a dynamic way, this course will nurture a consistent voice, which will soon mark you out from your competitors.

12. Coursesity Complete Free Guide For Business Communication Skills

This is another course that covers all the main topics of business communication, including clarity, concision and credibility. This will help you draft emails to your work colleagues and help you communicate effectively and politely with your team.

This also helps you with picking up non-verbal cues and negotiating with partners.

13. Coursesity Academic And Business Writing

This will help you fact-check your business and work proposals in much the same way as you would proofread an essay or a doctorate.

This will teach you good email etiquette, which is very important for maintaining workplace harmony and establishing good relationships with your clients.

14. Coursera Business Writing Principles

Coherency and concision are very important for the cut-and-thrust world of business. Writing reams and reams of badly spell-checked text is a surefire way of turning your clients off.

This will teach you how to avoid common errors in punctuation and spelling and help you develop an impactful writing style.

15. Coursesity Tips For Better Business Writing

If you are in business, you’ll want your audience to understand you completely. If you are seen to be misleading clients or customers, then you will soon lose a lot of business.

This course is self-paced learning, which is great if you are trying to integrate your studying with a busy schedule.


Business writing is an overlooked element of having a good business and it is really worth putting in the time and effort to learn some of the basics from the professionals.

The best thing about these online courses is that you can learn at your own pace and that you won’t have to hand over a dime to learn.

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