Our Favorite Affiliate Websites Ranked

Affiliate marketing is an important method for many in their passive income strategy.

It lacks the stress and costs that come with selling your own products while still allowing you to generate a nice income by selling other people’s products through your website.

Our Favorite Affiliate Websites Ranked

However, there are lots of great affiliate programs and websites out there, so which ones should you look to sign up to?

Here are our favorite affiliate websites ranked! Check out the list below and consider each affiliate website we have added – they may offer the right affiliate program for you! 

The Best Affiliate Websites For Businesses

There are lots of different affiliate websites out there with programs for businesses to take advantage of.

However, some websites offer better affiliate deals than others – so here are our favorite affiliate websites for you to check out! 

1. Amazon Associates

Was there ever any real doubt that Amazon Associates would not be at the top of our list? 

This affiliate website is the first one many businesses go to for affiliate marketing – and for good reason!

The Amazon Associates marketing program offers support for content creators to turn their side projects into money-making machines. From publishers to bloggers, anyone can monetize their small business by using Amazon Associates. 

It’s flexible and easy to use thanks to its link-building tools and brand support. You also get to choose between numerous payment options including direct deposit into your bank or Amazon gift certificates.

The commission rate varies anywhere from 1% to up to 20% so you can earn some very serious money through this program!  

So it’s no surprise that over 900,000 vendors use this affiliate website to start earning a passive income – it’s easy, versatile, and profitable! 

2. Shopify

Shopify is a well-known name for e-commerce businesses as it’s one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. Shopify also offers a great affiliate program that helps content creators across the world monetize their hard work. 

It’s free to join and offers affiliates access to a ton of sources and tools to help support and improve their business.

There are also various plans available so as your business grows, so does your Shopify affiliate plan!  It’s widely accessible as you can sign up no matter where in the world you are based. 

It’s also pretty flexible as you can alter when you withdraw your money and can choose between a direct deposit into your bank account or receiving the payment through PayPal (although you can’t change the currency the payment is made in – it will always be in US Dollars no matter where in the world you live).

So, Shopify’s affiliate program is incredibly supportive and a great choice for a lot of e-commerce businesses. Its wide accessibility makes it a top choice for business owners and it offers a good commission even with the most basic affiliate plan. 

3. ClickBank

One of the oldest affiliate websites is ClickBank and it’s a great place for businesses to find commissions and products to make their passive income. 

Here you can find amazing digital products for a wide variety of niches so you can recommend the best products on your website.

Although the competition is pretty high, there’s no limit on how many products you can promote. This allows you to cast your net wide to increase your profits!

There are also some really high commission rates available here with some advertisers offering commission rates between 50% and 70%! 

So, if it’s profitability you are looking for, ClickBank is definitely an affiliate website you need to check out. 

There are also flexible options available so you have more control over your affiliate marketing.

For example, you can choose which payment method you prefer (there are lots to choose from) and when you want to receive your money. So, it’s easy to use and adaptable! 

4. CJ Affiliates

Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliates is one of the largest affiliate networks out there and works with some huge brands like Barnes & Noble, BuzzFeed, Priceline, CNN, and so many more.

This alone gives it a stellar reputation so more and more small businesses can put their trust in this affiliate website. 

Signing up to CJ Affiliates allows you to access their huge global marketplace for affiliates and explore the various sponsorships and content monetization options open to you.

They also offer amazing tools like omnichannel tracking and analytics so you can have more control over your affiliate marketing and make better-informed decisions regarding your business. 

Unfortunately, the commission does vary here because there are many different merchants available but there’s so much flexibility when it comes to payment options and the type of CPA you can earn your income through. 

Our Favorite Affiliate Websites Ranked (1)

5. Awin

For those just getting started with affiliate marketing, you may want to check out Awin. Their website comes with a super easy-to-use interface with intuitive options to help you navigate your way around and access various tools and services. 

They’re also a worldwide affiliate market so no matter how large or small your business is, there’s a service available that will suit your business’s needs.

Although the commission rate is only around 5%, there are lots of payment options, in-depth tracking and reporting tools, and a great support system to help you master affiliate marketing! 

Final Thoughts

Those were our favorite affiliate websites all ranked by how useful and profitable they have proven to be to businesses.

There are lots of different affiliate websites out there and the last thing you need is to waste your time and efforts on an affiliate program that just isn’t right for you and your business. 

So, here are our top picks ranked in order. Check them out and hopefully, you will find the right affiliate website for you so your passive income can really take off! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Affiliate Niche Is Most Profitable? 

Choosing the right niche is also key when trying out affiliate marketing. There are lots of niches out there for you to try but some are more profitable than others.

These profitable niches can also grow or lose profitability over time as trends rise and fall so it’s always good to keep this fact in mind. 

Some affiliate marketing niches that still remain popular after many years include technology (things like apps or gadgets), health and fitness, fashion and beauty, lifestyle, and pet care.

These are still fairly broad and you could focus on particular niches within these groups. For example, skincare is a trendy niche in health and fitness that you could cater towards. 

Can You Be A Millionaire With Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing can be the key to boosting your passive income but it won’t help you become a millionaire overnight. 

It can take years to craft the perfect affiliate marketing business but some ‘super affiliates’ who have worked on their platforms for years now earn around six-figure salaries just from affiliate marketing! 

So, affiliate marketing can help you become a millionaire over time but you need to be ready to dedicate a lot of time to it and work on building your business over the years to come.

Not all websites will be a massive success but who knows – yours might be! 

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