How Many Ads Should Be Implemented Per Ad Group?

Advertising your business to your target demographic is a great way to gain clicks, conversions, and sales! However, just running one ad may not be as effective as you think.

To gain these clicks and conversions to generate sales, you need to be able to analyze your ad campaigns to assess their performance, and having one ad to assess will not result in rough accurate data to help your business thrive. 

How Many Ads Should Be Implemented Per Ad Group?

So, it is important to run many ads per ad group. However, just how many ads does that mean? In this article, we will discuss how many ads should be implemented per ad group.

So, if you’re interested, read on for more! 

What Are Google Ad Groups?

Google ad groups are groups of ads that share a setup or a goal. A single ad group can contain many keywords and ads. Some may say they are similar to an ad campaign, and while the similarities are there, campaigns and groups are very different.

In fact, ad groups are organized under a campaign. 

For example, if ad campaign number one has 3 ad groups, and ad campaign number two has 2 ad groups, then each ad group should have around 3-5 ads in association with it.

But campaigns do not need to have multiple ad groups. On a similar note, there is no set number of ads per ad group. Instead, there is simply a recommendation for ad number per group, based on the best performance of the ads. 

It is important to note that ad groups do not have a set number of keywords. They can have as many keywords as they like, although single keyword ad groups are becoming increasingly trendy! 

What Is The Recommended Number Of Ads Per Ad Group?

Google suggests that you need to run around 3 ads per ad group, and all of these ads should be of excellent quality. On top of that, a search campaign should include a blend of 1 responsive search ad and 2 expanded text ads. 

It is good practice to manage multiple ads because it will help you understand what ads will perform better with your target audience. 

What Are The Benefits Of Running Multiple Ad Groups?

Here are some of the benefits of running multiple ad groups! 

Multiple Ad Groups Result In More Qualified Clicks

If you want your campaign to have more qualified clicks, then you need to have an ad copy that will satisfy the expectations of the user. So, you are serving a wide variety of audiences by running multiple ads in an ad group.

Multiple ad groups will also help you to understand what message best serves your brand or business, and why this is the case. 

Multiple Ad Groups Allow You To Test Ad Copies

You will never know what ad works best for you until they are tested against one another. So, when you have multiple ads in one ad group you can test them and collect that data to determine what your target demographic likes best.

This will allow you to optimize the performance of your business, and enable it to thrive.

Multiple Ad Groups Allow You To Use Different Ad Types

When you are creating a campaign in Google Ads, (with the exception of creating a text ad), you will be able to create dynamic search ads, calls-only ads, image ads, and video ads at the same time if you invest in multiple ads per ad group.

Again, this will allow you to have more insight into what appeals to your target demographic and you can slowly begin to hone in on the best ads for your business. 

Multiple Ad Groups Prevent Ads From Being Repeated 

Multiple Ad Groups Prevent Ads From Being Repeated 

Google implements an ad rotation feature that shows your ads on search and display networks. You will be able to utilize this feature to show how often you want your ads to be shown.

This will prevent the same ad from being shown to the same audience multiple times.

Multiple Ad Groups Will Stop Poor Performing Ads

When you test your ads, you will find out which ones work and which ones do not. Once you collect the data of all these ads, you will be able to press pause on the ones that are not doing so well and assess why.

Then, you will be able to swap them with new ads and assess the performance of those, and so on. 

Multiple Ad Groups Will Help Match Better To Search Terms 

Google will pick up and promote ads that are relevant to the search query of the user. So, by having multiple ad copies, you will have multiple messages that can be picked up by Google.

This is because multiple ad groups mean different ad messaging, which increases the chance of your ads matching the necessary search terms. 

Ad Group VS Ad Campaign: What Should You Choose?

It can sometimes be difficult to choose between ad groups or ad campaigns. However, there are some simple factors you can assess to determine which is best for your business.

So, the most important factor to remember is that if the ad group and the ad campaign share a common goal and setup, then you should always create a new ad group.

However, if they are different, then you need to create a new ad campaign. 

Final Thoughts

Ads are an extremely important tool for a business to reach its target demographic. However, the type of ad you think will work may not necessarily be the best business move.

So, it is always a good idea to run multiple ads within a single ad group so you can assess which type works best for your target audience.

Running multiple ad groups will allow you to analyze data to see which ads gain the most clicks and conversions and will allow you to pause ads that don’t work so well. 

As a general rule, Google recommends you stick to three ads per ad group.