How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?

Inbound marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for gaining the right customers.

Instead of placing unwanted advertisements that reach the wrong audience, you’re tailoring their experience so that they come across your product or service when they need it. 

How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?

Research has shown that inbound marketing is actually much more lucrative, and costs 60 percent less than outbound marketing. One of the ways in which you can use inbound marketing is through emails. 

These emails will reach customers that might be interested in your product, and encourage them to engage. 

To find out more about how you can effectively use email marketing for the success of your business, keep reading, as we take a look below. 

What Is Inbound Methodology? 

Before we jump straight in and discuss some of the ways in which email marketing can benefit you, first let’s discuss inbound marketing. This is something that you’ll need to be well versed in, in order to effectively use email marketing. 

Inbound methodology means growing your business by building tangible, meaningful relationships with potential customers and clients. There are traditionally three steps in effectively using the inbound marketing technique. 

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to draw in the right people. You don’t want your advertisements to be wasted on the wrong people. Instead, take the time to find your audience. 

The next step is to effectively engage with your audience. You’ll need to put the problem that they’re facing into words by identifying their frustrations.

After this is done, you can go ahead and demonstrate how your product or service could be the solution to their issues. 

Below, we will take a closer look at each of these items within the context of email marketing. 

How To Effectively Use Email Marketing

1. Identify And Reach Your Audience

This is probably the most important step in successfully marketing your company in an email format. Without this step, the whole process falls apart. 

You’ll need to identify your target audience. As we mentioned before, inbound marketing is all about reaching an audience that shares a specific niche, rather than a general assortment of random individuals. 

In order to identify your target audience, look for people who opened your email. If the email piqued their interest enough for them to open it, but they didn’t engage with it any further, you shouldn’t give up. 

They were obviously interested enough to take a look, so now it’s time for you to reassess your marketing strategy.

Make sure that you clearly state what you have to offer potential customers, and personalize the email so that it feels as though you’re having a conversation. 

2. Target Specific Customers 

Another way you can become successful through email marketing is simply by sending frequent mail to valued customers. 

If you see that a particular customer has made several purchases, and relies to some degree on your services, make sure that you take action, and send further emails to keep them interested. 

You want to make sure that they feel valued by your business. 

3. Send Notifications Via Email

How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?

A great way to ensure success through email, is to email customers when they have items to checkout. Research shows that many people will place items in their online basket, only to forget about them and not follow through. 

One of the ways in which you can remind and encourage customers to make a purchase is sending an email. You can mail them with a friendly reminder that they have an item in their cart that they still have to checkout. 

4. Increase The Number Of Visitors To Your Website

Email marketing has been proven to increase traffic and sales to a website. By sending emails to specific customers, you’ll be able to increase the time that they spend on your website. 

Make sure that you keep them informed of any deals that you have at the moment, or discounts that they can take advantage of. This will frequent the number or visits they make to your website. 

5. Newsletters

Another thing that you can do to keep customers interested is sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter. This is a great way of keeping your customers interested and informed about your products and services. 

For example, you can include some interesting or exciting information about your upcoming products, and get customers excited about their release. 

You can give some insight into how some products are made, and give customers a behind the scenes look, effectively making them more involved in the process, and ultimately, invested. 

6. Birthday Emails 

Another effective tool for gaining more traffic to your website is simply by sending out a birthday email.

When a customer signs up to your website, you could either ask them to include their birthday, or just have the system take note of when they signed up. 

Then, once a year you can send them a birthday or ‘anniversary’ email, offering them a special discount or code that they can apply for. This is a great way to make your customers feel valued and appreciated. 

7. Send Confirmation Emails 

Many customers rely on confirmation emails to receive updates about their orders. You should always make sure that you send out a confirmation email when new users have signed up to your website, thanking them. 

In addition, you should also always send out an email confirming and thanking customers when they make a purchase on your website. It is also important to send out emails further along the line, with updates about the product that they’ve ordered. 

These could include confirmation emails, tracking information email, and shipping emails. All of these are valued by customers. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

There are so many different benefits when it comes to email marketing. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important ones. 

  • Inexpensive – Email marketing is an incredibly low cost and effective way of engaging with customers. 
  • Delivering Updates – Email marketing allows you to supply your audience with important updates and information about your brand, effectively keeping them in the loop. 
  • Easy To Track – You can easily track what kind of emails attract customers, and which they ignore. This can make email marketing an incredibly effective marketing tool. 
  • Customizable – With emails, more than any other kind of marketing, you can directly engage with your customers on a personal level. Something as simple as using the customer’s first name at the beginning of the email can be effective. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, email marketing can be an incredibly effective way of engaging with customers. It can help to make them feel valued, and subsequently make more visits and purchases on your website. 

As well as this, email marketing is incredibly low cost, and relatively hassle free.