10 Fantastic Part-Time Online Business Model Ideas

Starting up a part-time, online business can be an incredibly lucrative pursuit, but it’s not without its challenges.

Business owners will come across different trials and tribulations at each stage of their journey, but perhaps the most challenging is coming up with ideas in the first place. 

10 Fantastic Part-Time Online Business Model Ideas

This is where we come in. If you’ve found yourself searching for some inspiration, we’ve got some ideas to get you started. To find some fantastic online business model (see also: Online Subscription Business Model 101)ideas, simply keep reading, as we take a look below. 

1. Selling Works Of Art 

If you’re somebody who’s creatively minded, and enjoy creating works of art, why not take the plunge and try your hand at selling some pieces?

Whether you’re a painter, photographer, sculptor, or ceramics expert, it is a guarantee that there’s somebody out there who will be interested in your work. 

If photography is your forte, then you can have some of your proudest pieces made into canvases via Printful. You can then go ahead and sell these on your website. 

For many artists, their passion isn’t just a pastime, it’s their work, so why not transform some of your creations into a tangible stream of income? 

2. Open A T Shirt Shop 

Why not turn some of your amazing ideas into products like t-shirts and mugs? If you’ve got a keen eye for logo design, or are renowned for your witticisms, you can transform them into products that people can buy. 

You can use websites such as Printify or Shopify, both of which allow you to create your own designs, and choose from an array of different platforms to showcase them.

Do some research into print on demand, which is a lucrative source of income for many small businesses. 

3. Sell Thrifted Items 

If you’re somebody who loves finding a bargain and thrifting different items, why not turn this into a source of income?

If you adore finding vintage clothing items and antiques, we can guarantee you that there are thousands of people out there with the same tastes. 

Why not showcase some of your finds on a thrifting website, and make some money selling some vintage pieces.

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to buy thrifted items online, because they don’t have the time to hit the stores and find them themselves. 

4. Start An Online Blog 

Starting an online blog can be an incredibly lucrative business idea. It’s a chance for you to turn your thoughts and ideas into a monetization tool.

If your blog becomes popular enough, you could find yourself receiving messages from sponsors who want to give you money to showcase products. 

In addition, brands will pay to advertise on your blog page. You could make a lot of money running a successful blog, and if it gains enough traction, even instill a paid subscription function for exclusive content. 

The key to a successful blog is to find a niche that you think a specific audience might be interested in. 

5. Selling An Online Course

Is there something that you’re well trained in that others might be able to benefit from? If so, why not share your unique perspective and advice in an online training course.

For a one time fee, or monthly subscription, you could put together a motivational course or tutorial for viewers. 

For example, if you’re gifted at embroidery, you could film a tutorial showing how to do crewel work.

This is something that you won’t find much information about on platforms such as Youtube, and giving a long, detailed instructional tutorial could be beneficial for many people. 

The key is to find something unique that few people have to offer. 

6. Build Websites Or Apps 

6. Build Websites Or Apps 

If you’re somebody who adores technology based work, why not try your hand at making your own app or website? This can be both incredibly fun and rewarding, not to mention a potentially lucrative business venture. 

You can create your own apps to sell to people that they can then download on their mobile. Depending on how successful it is, you could see yourself making a large sum of money coming in at a steady flow. 

7. Theme Designing

Whether or not somebody is attracted to a particular website has much to do with the layout. Some themes are far more eye-catching than others, and it’s no wonder that being a theme designer is an incredibly lucrative business. 

If you’ve got an eye for design, as well as being tech savvy, why not try your hand at theme designing?

Businesses and blogs will always need a good theme to accompany their content, and as a result, you could see hundreds relying on your expertise. 

8. Start A Podcast

Starting your own podcast has become an incredibly popular venture for many during the past few years.

We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of people who are making tons of money simply by sharing their thoughts and ideas. 

Find a niche that you’re interested in, and that has enough traction to maintain an entire show, and you could see yourself raking in the cash.

Depending on popularity, brands will pay thousands of dollars for ads in podcasting shows, and if yours becomes popular enough, it could be an incredibly lucrative venture. 

9. Make A Subscription Box 

As long as you’re consistent with quality, and keep the products interesting and unique, making subscription boxes can be incredibly rewarding. There are thousands of subscription boxes out there, all of which cater to a specific demographic. 

For example, you can get monthly subscription boxes for Harry Potter fans, containing lots of different memorabilia. You can also get subscription boxes for vintage novels that come as a surprise to the purchaser each month. 

If you can think of a fun and unique idea for a monthly subscription box, you could see your small business turn into a great money making tool. 

10. Sell Products On A Marketplace

If you’re just getting started out with your business, it might be a good idea to sell your products on online marketplaces such as Etsy or Ebay.

They’re an incredibly straightforward and simple way to sell your products to potentially thousands of customers. 

All you have to do is keep an eye on what’s currently selling, and cater to a specific market. If you do your research properly, you could see yourself as the owner of an incredibly successful business. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there are lots of different ways to make money online through starting a small business(see also: How To Start An Online Business: 10-Step Guide And Checklist). Each of the ones listed above can be undertaken on a part time basis, for people who have other commitments during the daytime. 

Simply take a look at our list above, and find one which speaks to you. You won’t know until you try!