15 Best Free Cyber Security Courses For Your Business

More and more aspects of business are taking place online in a world that is becoming more and more digitized. 

There are so many opportunities that can come from doing business online that you don’t have access to with face-to-face business.  With this increased opportunity comes increased risk though.  

15 Best Free Cyber Security Courses For Your Business

When all of your business happens online, it can be exposed to people and companies with nefarious intentions.  This is where cyber security comes into play. 

Having the skills necessary for keeping your business safe online is key to protecting your business.  Here are 15 free cybersecurity courses for your business. 

1. Cybersecurity For Business Specialization

This course, offered by Coursera, will teach you about practical computer security by using the fundamentals of using security in the business world. 

This course has been designed to be particularly useful for anyone who wants to understand how to defend their computer systems and assets from cyber-attacks and other types of cyber threats.  

This is a beginner-level course that can provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge about computer security.  It is flexible and self-paced so you can easily fit it around other business commitments.  

2. Cybersecurity Awareness And Innovation

This course is an introduction to a full cybersecurity course, but it offers a strong foundation of knowledge for free.  The material is mainly focused on cyber risks, cybersecurity attacks, and cybersecurity awareness. 

It focuses on the practical aspects of cybersecurity including identity credentials management, email threats, and web impersonation and hacking. 

The learning in this course is applied through case studies related to cybersecurity breaches which can help give you a better understanding of an abstract issue.  This is a beginner-level course that has flexible deadlines and is completed 100% online. 

3. IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate

This course, run by IBM, offers you a professional certificate at the end that qualifies you to work in cybersecurity.  This will give you more than enough knowledge to successfully protect your business from cyber-attacks.  

During this course, you will learn about core principles of compliance and threat intelligence, including incident response, forensics, and network security.  

There are no prerequisites required to join this course.  It is completely self-paced to fit around other commitments.  The course can be completed in 8-months with under 4-hours of study each week.

4. Introduction To Cybersecurity Specialization From NYU

This is a free course that is offered by NYU via Coursera.  During this course, you will learn about the main purpose of cybersecurity as a discipline, the pros and cons of cybersecurity, and the basics of identification and authentication in cybersecurity. 

You will also have the chance to develop a long-term learning plan to increase your knowledge of cybersecurity.  

This is another beginner-level course that will help you to improve your cybersecurity knowledge.  On average, it takes around 4 months to complete this course. 

5. Cybersecurity: Developing A Program For Your Business Specialization

15 Best Free Cyber Security Courses For Your Business

If you are looking for a free course that will help you to create a cybersecurity program for your business, this could be just what you need. 

This course has been designed to give you an understanding of various processes through which you can protect your business and assets.  

There is a focus on policy, education and training, and technology best practices.  You will also develop an understanding of the risks and threats that are posed by modern information usage. You will receive a certificate on completion of this course. 

6. IT Security: Defense Against The Digital Dark Arts

This course, which focuses on defending your business and assets, is run by Google.  The course covers a wide range of topics pertaining to cybersecurity and the risks associated with conducting your business online.  

During this course, you will be given some background on encryption algorithms and how they can be used to safeguard your data and your customer’s data.  Firewalls and WiFi encryption are also covered in this course. 

7. Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

This course from Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity will equip you with entry-level skills in compliance with NIST / NICE workforce role requirements.  This will create a strong foundation of knowledge on which you can build your skills in the future. 

During this course, you will learn to examine the cybersecurity landscape, vulnerabilities, risks, and attack threat vectors.  You will also learn about the basics of cryptography, including encryption.

This is a beginner-level course with no prerequisites required for enrollment.  On average, this course takes 6 months to complete with 2 hours of study per week. 

8. Cybersecurity For Everyone

This cybersecurity course is a great option for anyone who is looking to gain a basic understanding of cybersecurity and how it can help protect against threats and attacks. 

The course also covers the rapidly changing landscape of cybersecurity and explores the key issues that are faced by cybersecurity professionals as they attempt to manage the threats posed in the cyber world.  

The course is facilitated by the University of Maryland.  It is an entry-level course that provides a general introduction to cybersecurity.  

9. Cybersecurity Basics: A Hands-On Approach By UC3Mx

This is another great option for anyone who is interested in learning the basics of computer security and how to best protect themselves from evolving cyber threats. 

The course material will teach you about the main existing cybersecurity threats and how to best protect your computer, business, and assets from them.  

The course also teaches how to implement appropriate countermeasures to help keep your business safe and secure from threats and risks. 

This is an intermediate course that will be easier to understand with an established knowledge of computer operating systems. 

10. Certified In Cybersecurity Specialization

15 Best Free Cyber Security Courses For Your Business

This course is a great option for anyone looking to gain a strong foundational understanding of cybersecurity. 

The course material covers the industry terminology that you are likely to come across in cybersecurity to help you better understand what is being sold to you in packages. 

It also covers network security, security operations, and policies. This is a beginner-level course that can be completed in 8 months with a pace of 1 hour of study per week. 

11. Ethical Hacking Essentials

This is an introductory cybersecurity course that covers the concept of ethical hacking and how to test your own cybersecurity measures. 

The course material will introduce you to computer and network security concepts including password cracking, threats and vulnerabilities, cloud computing, penetration testing fundamentals, and web application attacks among others. 

This is a completely online course that makes up one-third of a larger course on cybersecurity. 

12. IT Fundamentals For Cybersecurity Specialization

This is another course that is offered by IBM.  The material focuses on the fundamentals of cybersecurity that help you build a strong base of knowledge. 

You will learn about the evolution of cybersecurity, the various types of malicious software, and key cybersecurity concepts.  

You will also learn about key cybersecurity tools that can help you to protect your business and assets from attackers. 

13. Introduction To Cybersecurity Foundations

This course claims to be the most introductory course in cybersecurity.  It takes things back to the complete basics to help you gain a proper understanding of cybersecurity. 

During this course, you will learn what cybersecurity is, what risk management is, and what an operating system is.  

This is a great course for complete newbies that are unsure of their knowledge of IT and basic cybersecurity.  The course only takes 3 hours to complete. 

14. Cybersecurity Attack And Defense Fundamentals

This course covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity.  Through the material in this course, you will learn about information security threats, fundamentals of information security and ethical hacking, and network security assessment tools. 

You will also learn about computer forensics, digital evidence, and forensic investigation phases. 

This is an entry-level course that requires no prior cybersecurity knowledge.  It can be completed in 5 months with a pace of around 5 hours of study per week. 

15. Introduction To Cybersecurity Tools And Cyber Attacks

This is another IBM-facilitated course that gives you a strong introduction to cybersecurity tools and cyber attacks.

During this course, you will learn a basic background of cybersecurity, the motivations behind cyber attacks, and current threats, organizations, and individuals to be aware of. 

You will also learn key terminology and system concepts to help broaden your understanding of cybersecurity.  

This is a beginner-level course that takes approximately 20 hours to complete. It can provide you with a strong foundation on which to build your business’s cybersecurity policies and procedures. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of free courses available online to help you build your knowledge of cybersecurity, how to implement security measures, and how to identify potential threats. 

All of these courses can help you to protect your business (see also: 15 Best Product Management Courses For Your Business)and clients from any potential data breaches.  This can add legitimacy to your business and encourage clients to do business with you.